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Thread: Interview Questions

Forum : Job discussions   17 Oct, 2018
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Interview Questions

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Question-1: what is Spring MVC?
Question-2: Why we go for Spring MVC based application development and what?s use of this because dotnet also follows MVC model,Struts also same model so what?s special in Spring MVC based web application development?

Question-3: What is extension and directory match url pattern?
Question-4: what is FrontController in Spring MVC and which design pattern it tfollows,What?s advantage of using it?
Question-5: tell the name of Model,View and Controller components in Spring MVC?
Question-6: Is java supports n-tier architecture based development or not?
Question-7: What is Controller or Handler class? is it normal Java class ?
Question-8: When we have Controller class then why should we use FrontController?
Question-9: What is Handler Mapping and which is most regularly used Handler Mapping and tell the functionality of this?
Question-10: Why in Spring MVC based application it?s highly recommended to place Jsp inside private area(inside WEB-INF) folder and what is advantage of this?
Question-11: What is View Resolver ? and which is most regularly used ViewResolver and also tell the functionality of this?
Question-12: What is DispatcherServlet and what is the default spring bean configuration file it is looking for?
Question-13: What is use of namespace based init-param to configure spring bean configuration file?
Question-14:What is use of ContextLoaderListener in Spring MVC? what is default spring bean configuration file it?s looking for(the container)?
Question-15: What is use of contextparam based contextConfigLocation ?
Question-16: which type of container is created internally in spring MVC?
Question-17: When should we use Parametrizable Controller and UrlFileNameViewController?
Question-18: When should we use AbstractController and AbstractCommandController?
Question-19: When Should we use SimpleFormController and why should we use this when we have already AbstractCommandController for request wrapping?
Question-20: What is CommandObject and what?s use of this object?
Question-21: what is request wrapping/request graphing?
Question-22: what is form validation and form handling in spring mvc?
Question-23:why we should override formBackingObject(-) and what is the use of this to override?
Question-24:what is form validation and how many types of vaildation is possible in Spring MVC?
Question-25: what is the role of handleRequest(-,-,-,-) method?
Question-26: what is double posting problem and how can we solve this in J2EE based Servlet and Spring MVC and what is the difference you felt in both and which method you used to solve this issue?
Question-27: why should we use Spring supplied form tags when we already have html based tags ?
Question-28:What is BindException object and Error object and what is relation between these two?
Question-29: what is JSTL and EL(Expression Language) and why should we use it?
Question-30:can we say Spring MVC complements Servlet and JSP technologies?

Any one know Answers


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Re: Interview Questions

Reply Date : 19 Oct, 2018

Thanks buddy for sharing the questions !!! ?

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